Experiences of clients in their own words.

  • Carina:
"I looked for reflexology when I was almost 42 weeks pregnant. I was very anxious about the late term of my pregnancy and feeling tired. I met Hilde and she was very calm, with good humour and patient with me. I really enjoyed the reflexology massage and how she guided it. I could relax and feel much more peaceful after it. I came back home having more energy as well, which I didn't expect. My baby was born less than 2 days later in a beautiful and smooth birthing. Thank you, Hilde!!!"
  • Eva:

"I want to thank you for being the light for us along the most amazing journey in our lives. Thank you so much and we are keeping you in our hearts and hope your beautiful soul will be accompaning more mammas in the future."

  • Gaby:

"A few years ago I had a stressful fulltime job, my mother-in-law was dying and my father-in-law was sick with Alzheimer. More and more I felt the stress in my body and in my mind, until one day my pedicure lady talked about a foot reflex massage and recommended Hilde to me.

Immediately I made an appointment with Hilde and I still remember my first treatment as though it was yesterday. It was a warm summer afternoon when I went to Hilde. After a thorough intake talk she started examining my feet and asked qustions about my health which wre amazing. I could not believe that she could 'see 'all this from my feet. After this treatment, I felt a very heavy rection in my body and shivered with cold, which then transferred into a calm feeling.

Another astonishing thing I want to mention is, that, since my mother died decenia ago, I had great difficulty with my digestion. Since the treatment with Hilde this is working perfectly now, what a relief!

I still see Hilde regularly on a Friday afternoon after work, and it is very nice that she even comes to my home. I like Hilde's approach, which makes me feel very comfortable when being with her. I can talk to her or just relax and doze off, everything is fine."